Collider / detail
Collider (2013)

aluminium tripod, glass sphere, skifidol slime, pate a proute, sub-atomic particles, original vinyl record, mdf plinth.
140 x 30 x 30 cm

Davide Bertocchi’s collider is an installation composed by two sculptures, two spheres containing slime.
manufactured as a toy for kids, this non-toxic viscous substance would - according to the artist – capture the subatomic
particles in the air. placed under each sphere, the original vinyl records of imagination’s «just an illusion» and erasure’s
«it doesn’t have to be» tend to enhance the collide between physical truth and the imaginary, between space and mind.

text and installation views from the group exhibition Substance, Galerie Antoine Levi, Paris - May 2013
photo: Yann Revol