Le Regime / view 2
Le Regime (2009)

plastic straw, black belgian marble, multicolour onix, travertine marble, red marble
40 cm x 30 cm 30 cm

The word “regime" in French can mean "diet" but more commonly refers to a set of conditions, most often of a political nature. This sculpture consists of 5 primary geometric shapes in 5 different types of marble. The idea came from Brancusi’s sculptures many of which seem to have no beginning
and no end and include different elements. The 5 objects are not attached to each other, and thus can be freely repositioned like children’s toy blocks.
The last element on top, a big “Slim-Fast”-like glass, has a tiny hole where a plastic straw can be inserted. 
The arbitrary choice of including the straw or not changes the meaning of sculpture to either reference self-induced health regimes, or the more subtle forms of political regimes.