Monumento A D'Ignoti / Monumento A D'Ignoti
Monumento a D’Ignoti - 2007

performance and sculpture
Glavidio D’Ignoti tenor singer, painted mdf, microphone, sound system, stage lights, vinyl records.
variable dimensions and time

Invited to create a site specific project for the Belgian town of Charleroi Davide Bertocchi discovered, quite by chance, a local celebrity among the town's huge immigrant Italian community: Glavidio D ’Ignoti, an Italo-belgian tenor singer. His name stands out as in Italian “D’Ignoti” means “the unknown (people)”. He comes from a family of miners and his repertoir focuses on original songs about coal mines and Italian immigrants. The project was conceived as a form of “monument to the uknown” where Glavidio D’Ignoti plays a central role, reclaiming immigrants and miners as unknown heroes. Glavidio was invited to perform on top of a sculpture which references Piero Manzoni’s famous sculpture “Base Magica”. The sculpture/stage stands on 4 piles of vinyl records by Italo-belgian singers, all completely uknown in Italy...

Installation view at BPS 22, Charleroi. Belgium
Courtesy BPS22 collection