Evil Molecula / exhibition view
Evil Molecula (2003)

vinyl records, aluminum tubes, black silicone.
variable dimensions

In Evil Molecula (2003) Bertocchi brings the world of genetic research into the realm of music as he explores the dark recesses of the human mind. The sculpture, which resembles a gigantic molecule consists of dodecahedrons connected to each other with aluminum tubes of varying dimensions; the twelve-sided modules are made of vinyl records that the artist found in shops specializing in death metal music. Introducing the concept of evil through gothic music, Evil Molecula becomes an ominous presence in the gallery space. As we contemplate Evil Molecula, we have the sensation that evil has acquired a physical dimension—it is no longer an abstraction that we fear but are unable to see. Like the four seasons or the orbiting of planets around the sun, evil is a cyclical occurrence trapped in an endless loop, like the grooves on the surface of a vinyl record.

Alma Ruiz
(from presse release of the solo exhibition "Davide Bertocchi" - Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles; July 11, 2003

Installation view of the solo show at the Italian Cultural Institute, Los Angeles. (work on the wall “Spazio”)