Nice-Time-Lab / still from video
Nice-Time-Lab (2002)

video dv 8 min. 42 sec. (filmed by Caecilia Tripp)
and a series of thermic prints on aluminum
30 x 40 cm each

Nice-Time-Lab is both a video and a photo work conceived during the artist-in-residence programme at the Villa Arson, National Contemporary Art Center in Nice.
It's the documentation of a series of experiments that were based on the use of time in a non-productive way. It represents actions, similar to the activities we devise to entertain ourselves when we are on vacation, done without any real purpose other than to waste time and energy.
This relates to the condition of the artist invited to “work” and “research” in a protected “artistic” environment, but also to the touristy spirit of the city of Nice where time seems to be perceived in its own specific way.