Recordings (The Unexplainable Need To Explain) - 2016-2019

60 tablets in engraved plaster
dimensions 27,5 cm x 20, 5 cm x 1 cm

Etched plaster tablets whose dimensions are similar to two universal standard formats, between the A4 format and the dimension of an iPad. The images engraved on them are explanatory drawings, schema instructions and diagrams found all over the place, mainly in encyclopaedias, physics or astronomy textbooks, instruction sheets, and record covers. etc.
I like the fact that, originally, these images are considered "explanations", illustrations, explanatory diagrams, but ultimately, if isolated, without any textual indication, they become a kind of unfamiliar language, a kind of ghost book, or some kind of ancient language. Origin and destiny, parallel worlds, mysticism and imagination illustrate the relativity of linear time. This work investigates the typical rational need of humans to find a sense in the universe around them and at the same time their inability to understand it.

installation view of the exhibition "Visionary History" at the Faculty of Law, University of Leuven. College De Valk. Belgium