Autour de la lune (the couch project) (2014)

Charcoal drawing on ceiling, bamboo sticks, charcoals, book.
variable dimensions

I was the first one of a series of artists to be invited in Fabio Farnè's space in Milan. The space is called GAFF and the owner invites artists to sleep over this white leather couch and to produce a specific work for the room. The overall project is called "The couch project".
My intervention was a kind of dream like performance realized during the night in total darkness and with only two self-made "tools" made of bamboo sticks and charcoals. Lying on the couch but having troubles spleeping, I made a big black drawing on the ceiling that was inspired by an illustration i found inside an old edition of the book by Jules Verne "Autour de la Lune"...

Courtesy the artist and Gaff - Milano
Photo: Filippo Armellini