SuperCollider / installation view
SuperCollider (2013)

aluminium tripod, glass, skifidol slime, pate a proute, sub-atomic particles, original vinyl record.
25 x 40 x 25 cm

Ambiguity as a result of human advanced science research is a paradox that always intrigued me. For instance, when new technology goes so far that theories we know don’t make sense anymore and they can’t follow or explain, like in the physics of subatomic particles, it becomes also an enigma. My work SuperCollider plays with this idea, and acts as both a physical and emotional collider.

views of the exhibition:
00ooOO - holes, dots, balls. - sept. 2013 - by Davide Bertocchi & Shila Khatami - Hopstreet gallery, Brussels.
photo: hv-studio